Benefits of Buying a Used Car

July 18th, 2017 by

Couple financing a car

If you are on the hunt for your next vehicle, the benefits of buying used can’t be ignored. For some drivers, this is simply the best option. While our new vehicle inventory offers Edison area drivers plenty of exciting options, we have a wide variety of used vehicles of various makes and models. Learn about some of the most exciting perks of buying pre-owned, then head to VIP Honda in North Plainfield to explore all that we have to offer.

Why Buy Used?

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a used car, including:

  • Cost – A pre-owned vehicle will likely always cost less than the same make/model brand new. This will be a relief on your budget and potentially allow you to access a nicer model or trim level than you would’ve gotten if you bought new.
  • Value – Cars begin to depreciate the minute you drive them off the lot. The sharpest loss of value, however, happens when the car is new. If you are driving a pre-owned model around Edison, it will retain much of its value for longer.
  • Insurance – Since used vehicles have a lower cost, they are also cheaper to insure. Plus, you may be able to carry less coverage overall since you are not as worried about keeping your car in pristine condition.
  • Variety – The used car market includes makes and models with a huge variety of features, options, colors, and capabilities. You actually have a lot more to choose from than if you were shopping the new car market.
  • Certified – A certified pre-owned vehicle offers all the benefits of buying pre-owned, but takes much of the uncertainty out of buying something new. For example, a certified pre-owned Honda must undergo a comprehensive 182-point inspection to ensure is of the highest quality.

Enjoy the Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned at VIP Honda

Drivers in the Union can count on our dealership for an exciting array of used vehicles in various makes and models. Plus, we are happy to help you find an option that fits your budget and get you approved for financing even if you have bad credit. Our number one goal is to help you find the right vehicle at the right price and get you out on the road sooner. If you would like more information about our inventory, or to find out about leasing a used vehicle, please contact the team at VIP Honda.