Can You Lease a Car with Bad Credit?

Bad Credit


Can you lease a car with bad credit? Is it even possible to lease a new car with bad credit? At VIP Honda, the answer is yes. While, if possible, you will get more attainable deals after working on your credit, paying off a car is actually a great way of improving your credit. So, if you’re wondering “Can I lease a car with bad credit?” then you’ve come to the right place. We provide offers to Union and South Plainfield drivers within a wide range of credit situations. So, is it easier to lease a car with bad credit from VIP Honda than many other dealers? The answer to that is yes. If you have any questions, go ahead and drop us a line, or simply apply for financing online.



Can You Lease a Car with Bad Credit?

While it is easier to lease a car with good credit, especially since it allows for lower monthly payments and a lower security deposit, it is not impossible with bad credit. It will, however, be generally more expensive. Regardless of any challenges though, it is an actual option you can consider.

Tips for the Best Price with Bad Credit

There are several ways you can help get a better deal when getting a vehicle with bad credit:

  • Find a car within your budget to lease. Contact us to find out just how much you’ll have to pay on a monthly basis.
  • Check your credit score before you apply for a lease. That way you can have a better idea of your overall financial situation.
  • Make a larger down payment. If you prepay for the first few months, that might allow for better lease terms.
  • Bring several months of pay stubs as proof of income. That way we know you can afford the lease you’re looking for.

Visit VIP Honda Today

Our finance team is capable of helping you make the best of your situation, and potentially help your credit long term by giving you not just a vehicle, but one you can make the right payment on, or perhaps even one you can pay off. Your own vehicle is an important thing to have in Kenilworth, and we can help make that happen. Take a look at our payment calculator today!


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