How Does an Oil Change Work?

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Male adding oil with a funnel

Regular oil changes are vital to keeping your South Plainfield vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for years to come. While the staff at VIP Honda is well-trained and ready to change your oil, we know some drivers prefer to handle it themselves. Luckily, are are here to guide you through changing your oil step-by-step!

Drain the Old Oil

Before putting in new oil, you first have to change out the old oil. South Plainfield drivers know that safety is important, which is why it is crucial to protect your hand with a glove or towel. Start by finding the drain plug beneath your vehicle. It will usually be a large nut located under the oil pan closer to the bottom of the engine. To do this properly, you will need to jack up your car.

After locating the nut, place a container underneath to collect the oil. Open the nut. Once this has happened, the old oil will begin to drain so be prepared!

Change the Filter

After you’ve drained the old oil, the next step is to remove the old filter. While sometimes this can be done by hand, you may need a wrench so have one handy. Place the old filter in the container with the old oil so you can keep it from dripping into unwanted areas.

After you’ve removed the old filter, be sure to put a new one to take its place. It’s a good idea to lubricate the gasket with a little bit of oil, so use old oil or new oil to do this. Once you’ve put the filter into place, put the nut back into place to secure the area.

Add New Oil

Not you’re ready for the last step! Simply pour it into the top of the engine using a funnel. Your car manual should tell you how much oil to use. Once you are finished, look under the vehicle to make sure you aren’t leaking oil!

Get Service Advice at VIP Honda

Changing your oil is easy, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or patience to do it yourself or you aren’t 100% confident you know how an oil change works. If this is the case, let the experts at VIP Honda do it for you. We’ve been helping North Plainfield drivers with vehicle service for years using genuine parts, so contact us to schedule your service appointment or stop by our dealership near Union today for tips on how to understand your Honda dashboard warning lights!

Service Specials at VIP Honda

honda air filter

Engine and Cabin Air Filters

Expires: September 30, 2019
10% OFF

Help you and your Honda Breathe a little easier!
Replace Engine and/or Cabin Air Filters.
-Improve Power
-Improve Fuel Economy
-Filter out pollen, dander and road dust from the inside of your vehicle
-Improve heater performance

Call 908-753-5020 to schedule your appointment today!

Maintenance requirements, schedules and prices may vary by model. Not to be combined with any other discounts. Discount is offered with the replacement of Engine and/or Cabin Air Filters. Plus tax where applicable. Hazardous disposal fees, if any, are extra. MUST PRINT and Present coupon at time of write up.Limit one coupon.

2019 Honda Passport Space

SUMMER Seasonal

Expires: September 30, 2019

SUMMER Seasonal Road Trip Special

Thinking of taking your Honda for the Summer road trip you’ve been planning for the family?
Don’t forget to think of your Honda!

Let our Honda Certified Technicians:
– Replace engine oil and filter
– Rotate tires and check tire pressure
– Align all 4 tires
– Complimentary MultiPoint Inspection


Maintenance requirements, schedules and prices may vary by model. Not to be combined with any other discounts. Plus tax where applicable. Hazardous disposal fees, if any, are extra. Print and Present coupon at time of write-up. Synthetic is additional. This Service does not include Wiper Blades and/or Wiper Blade Inserts. Available at an extra cost.

Four Wheel Mount & Balance Special

Expires: September 30, 2019
$10.00 Off

Wheel balancing should be done regularly because wheels lose their balance over time. When unbalanced, it can cause the steering wheel to shake or vibrate. Unbalanced tires develop varying, uneven, pre-mature wear. Having your wheels balanced ensures your Honda provides a smooth ride: improving traction and control as well as extending the life of your tire. Should be done every 5-6,000 miles or every 6 months.

To maintain the handling you value, we:
– Use computerized equipment to adjust your Honda
– Adjust tire air pressures;inspect suspension, tires and wheels
– Adjust front and rear tires
– Road test for quality control
– Provide you a computerized printout
Help preserve your Honda’s exceptional handling.
Schedule your appointment today with our Service Department. 908-753-5020

Coupon not valid with any other offer. Must present coupon at time of write up. Limit one coupon per person. Prices may vary by model. Coupon does not apply to prior purchases. Other Restrictions may apply. Offer Valid on Hondas at VIP HONDA only. Void where prohibited.


Complete Timing Belt Package

Expires: September 30, 2019
$300.00 OFF

Our Honda Certified Technicians will:

  • Replace Timing Belt
  • Replace Serpentine Belt
  • Replace Water Pump
  • Replace Tensioner
  • Replace Coolant

Regularly priced at $1,199.00

It’s recommended that we replace the water pump during the timing belt job, event if there is nothing wrong with it. Why? Because 100% of the labor charge to replace the water pump has already been done with the timing belt job. It’s good insurance and replacing it separately on it’s own will cost big money to do so at a later date. Replacing the above listed items during this service is less expensive than dealing with the damage that can result from not replacing it. The process is labor intensive and can take several hours to complete.

Prices may vary by model. Plus taxes and fees where applicable. Please present coupon during write-up. Not to be combined with any other discounts.

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