When you’re searching for your new Honda, you’ll want to find a car that suits your needs at a price you’re comfortable with. Not sure if leasing vs. your next vehicle is better suited to your wants, needs, and long-term budget? The right choice is not always obvious, and what works for one driver may not work for another. No matter what stage you’re at in the car-buying process, use this helpful resource to evaluate leasing vs. financing before heading to VIP Honda to browse our inventory of vehicles for sale and Honda lease deals in NJ.

Should I Lease?

There are some real perks to leasing instead of financing. Leasing usually offers Kenilworth shoppers an option that is simple, exciting, and economical with:

  • Low to no down payment
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Easy returns without the hassle of trade in
  • Access to the lastest features

The major disadvantage is that lease contracts restrict how much you drive and what kind of condition your vehicle must stay in. And if you breach the contract, there can be significant financial penalties. If you drive a limited amount and are good about caring for your car, leasing is absolutely worth considering. Check out our lease deals in NJ to find a lease option at a price that fits your budget.

Couple looking at options for buying a car
Couple signing finance papers for buying a car

Should I Finance?

For many drivers, financing makes a lot more sense because you can drive without restrictions and take advantage of the equity in your vehicle. By owning your vehicle, you:

  • Are free to modify your vehicle as you wish
  • Own your vehicle outright once the loan is paid off
  • Can use your vehicle as you need, without mileage restrictions
  • Can sell the vehicle when you see fit

The disadvantage is that you will likely pay more on a monthly basis, and trying to get rid of an older worn-out vehicle is not always easy. And, while it can be harder to finance a vehicle with less than perfect credit, our finance department can help you out. If you want to drive without restrictions and take advantage of the equity in your vehicle, financing is likely the better option. You can even check out other helpful features like the difference between used and certified pre-owned vehicles. 

VIP Honda Puts Drivers First

Our number one goal is to help you find a vehicle you love and a purchasing options that fits comfortably into your monthly budget. If you want to purchase your next Honda, less than perfect credit won’t stand at your way at VIP Honda. If your more interested in Honda Accord lease deals, you will find options to choose from in our Honda lease deals in NJ. At VIP Honda, everything you need to shop confidently is under one roof. Visit us at your convenience, and contact us with your questions on financing with less than perfect credit, leasing, and more!

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