Parts and Service Specials

4 Wheel Alignment

Four Wheel Alignment

To maintain the handling value, we:

  • Use computerized equipment to adjust your Acura
  • Adjust tire air pressures, inspect suspension, tires and wheels
  • Adjust front and rear wheels
  • Road test for quality control
  • Provide you a computerized print out

Help preserve your Acura’s exceptional handling

Call 908-753-5020 to schedule your service appointment today!

Coupon not valid with any other offer. Must present coupon at the time of write up. Limit one coupon per person. Prices may vary by model. Synthetic oil is additional. Coupon does not apply to prior purchases. Other restrictions may apply. Offer valid on Hondas at VIP HONDA only. Void where prohibited

EXPIRES: 03/31/2021
Complete Timing Belt Package
$300.00 OFF

Our Honda Certified Technicians will:

  • Replace Timing Belt
  • Replace Serpentine Belt
  • Replace Water Pump
  • Replace Tensioner
  • Replace Coolant

Regularly priced at $1,199.00

It’s recommended that we replace the water pump during the timing belt job, event if there is nothing wrong with it. Why? Because 100% of the labor charge to replace the water pump has already been done with the timing belt job. It’s good insurance and replacing it separately on it’s own will cost big money to do so at a later date. Replacing the above listed items during this service is less expensive than dealing with the damage that can result from not replacing it. The process is labor intensive and can take several hours to complete.

Prices may vary by model. Plus taxes and fees where applicable. Please present coupon during write-up. Not to be combined with any other discounts. Coupon MUST be Printed and Presented.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2021
Pot Hole Special - $159.95 Plus Tax

Potholes become more common along our roadways. All it takes is a good jolt to affect your vehicle’s handling. Driving over them repeatedly can take a toll on your Honda’s suspension, alignment and tires.
Some forms of damage willl be immediately apparent, such as curb rash, cracks on the wheels. Other times you may not even know until you start to notice your Honda rides a little bumpier or handles sloppier.
Our Honda Certified Technicians will:
Rotate and Balance your Tires, Perform a 4 Wheel Alignment and Visual Brake Inspection
We’ll check for vibrations, poor steering, premature or irregular tread wear, ensure constant
tire contact with the road.
Schedule your Pot Hole Special today by calling VIP Service Dept 908-753-5020

Not to be combined wth any other disounts. Plus tax where applicable. Hazardous disposal fees, if any are extra. Must present coupon at time of write up. Limit one coupon per person. Coupon does not apply to prior purchases. Other restrictions may apply. Offer valid on Hondas at VIP Honda only.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2021
Wild Card Savings


Spend $100.00 or more – get $10.00 OFF your Service
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EXPIRES: 03/31/2021
A1 Scheduled Service
$124.95 Maintenance Minder A1 Service

$124.95 Maintenance Minder A1 Service
Oil & Filter Change with 020
Mobile Super Synthetic Oil
Genuine Honda Oil Filter
Check Brakes, Pads & Discs
Tire Rotation
Clean & Adjust Brakes
Multi-Point Inspection
Car Wash Coupon


Regularly priced at $149.95. Plus tax and hazardous waste fee. Please call 908-753-1500 to schedule your appointment today.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2021
COMPLIMENTARY Multi-Point Inspection
Complimentary MultiPoint Inspection

COMPLIMENTARY MultiPoint Inspection
Here is what our Honda Certified Technicians are looking for when we perform a MultiPoint Inspection.
During any point of Servicing your Honda, our Honda Certified Technicians will inspect:
Tires’ condition, tread depth, visual brake inspection, fluid check (coolant, windshield washer,
oil, power steering, brake and transmission) battery test, check lights (turning, hazards, interior cabin/dash)
and visual check over the suspension.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2021
Differential Fluid Service
$20.00 OFF Differential Fluid Service

Your Honda’s rear differential fluid needs to be replaced at regular intervals. Changing at your Owner’s Manual recommended intervals can help prevent premature wear and damage caused by contaminated or broken-down fluid. Your differential itself is a gearbox that is located between the drive wheels. The differentials work with your Honda’s transmission to deliver power from your engine to the axle that turns your wheels so that you can maneuver. The lubricating fluid inside the differential is used to transfer heat away from the gears to preserve the differential. Normally this service is performed every 30,000 miles. Your Honda informs you when it needs service. It’s intuitive Maintenance Minder will show you a CODE 6 to schedule this service.
Call 908-753-5020 to schedule your appointment today.
Regularly Priced at $129.95 plus tax

Maintenance requirements, schedules and prices may vary by model. Not to be combined with any discounts. Differential Fluid Service would only be serviced for All Wheel Drives only. Plus tax where applicable. Hazardous disposal fees, if any are extra. Print and Present Coupon at time of writeup.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2021

Remote Batteries
$4.95 with FREE Installation

Honda Key Fob Battery Replacement Batteries
$4.95 plus tax and VIP Honda will offer FREE INSTALLATION

On newer Honda vehicles, the vehicle and the key fob are intuitive. The Dash will notify you of low battery and that’s when you can contact us to replace your Key Fob Batteries. We’ll make sure you get the right battery, and we have proper tools to do so without damaging the Fob, reinserting the key and flipping the switch back to the locked position. With a new car key battery, you can feel safe and secure every time you get in/out of your trusty Honda.


EXPIRES: 03/31/2021

VIP Honda Coupons

When the time comes for your Honda vehicle to have a routine check-up or it’s time for new brakes, trust our expert technicians at VIP Honda in North Plainfield! Before you schedule a visit, check out our deals on various services we provide and glance over our VIP coupons to get the most out of every service visit. Whether it’s an oil change, tire maintenance, or even a radiator flush, there’s sure to be a deal available to you. Take a look below, then get in touch to schedule an appointment, and get on the Union roads in no time!

Benefits of Regular Vehicle Service

Even if your vehicle doesn’t require more serious repairs, regular vehicle maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations are necessary to keep your vehicle running like new on the South Plainfield roads. Here are some overlooked benefits of regular vehicle service:

  • Improves vehicle performance
  • Lets you know your vehicle is safe to drive
  • Detects serious problems that may not have been visible before
  • Saves money on serious repair costs later on down the road
  • Increases the lifespan of your vehicle

Our VIP Honda coupons can help make vehicle maintenance more affordable, so you can get back to doing what you love and not having to worry about fixing your vehicle. If you’re a DIY driver, you can easily search and order parts online through our parts store.

Why Choose VIP Honda for Maintenance?

If you’re wondering why you should go to your dealership for service, then the answer is simple: a professional setting, expert technicians, and an environment dedicated to your vehicle’s brand. Take a look at the benefits you can reap when you utilize our dealership’s service department:

  • Expert technicians who are specifically trained to work on Honda vehicles
  • Service warranty perks, such as free oil changes, car washes, inspections, and more (if applicable)
  • The use of genuine OEM parts

We even provide helpful tips and tricks like how to jump-start your car. Take advantage of our VIP coupons and get the most out of every service visit. 

Get More Out of Every Visit with VIP Honda

Our VIP Honda North Plainfield coupons will cater to every driver in the Kenilworth area. Contact us to set up an appointment and get the most out of every visit when you apply our VIP Honda coupons.