What Do The Light On My Dashboard Mean

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Honda Pilot Dashboard

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Not sure what to do when lights come up on your dashboard? What happens when that oil light turns on? Every light means something different, so knowing what to do when different ones come up can be challenging. Here at VIP Honda, we work hard to make sure that your Honda model is in proper working order, which is why it’s important to know what check engine, battery charge, oil pressure warning, and tire pressure system lights mean. Stop by our service center so we can help!

Engine Lights and Their Meaning

  • Coolant Temp Warning – When your coolant levels are off, your fan isn’t working properly, or if the coolant is leaking, this light will come on.
  • Service Vehicle – This light most often comes on due to an electrical issue.
  • Reduced Power Warning – This light indicates that there is a part of the engine that is malfunctioning.
  • Cruise Control – When you use cruise control, this light will stay illuminated as long as the system is on.

Brake Warning Lights

  • Brake System – When you see this light, it means there is something wrong with your brakes. Either the brake fluid is low or the antilock brake system could be malfunctioning.
  • Traction Control/ESP – This light means your vehicle’s electronic stability system is being utilized.

Safe and Informative Lights

  • Security Alert – When your ignition switch is locked or someone forgets to fully close the door, you may see this light appear on your Honda vehicle dashboard.
  • Fog Lamp – This lets you know that you are currently using your brights.
  • Airbag Fault – Normally this light appears once the car is started to indicate there is a fault in the airbag system and you’ll need to bring your vehicle in for a repair.
  • Washer Fluid Reminder – This simply means your washer fluid is low and needs replacing.

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